How To Get Taller Naturally

How culture plays a part in our desire to be taller:

When fashion magazines began to get a foothold on society in the 1960s it brought about a new ideal for men and women. But how to get taller naturally?

This tapped into the subconscious of the public and influences why we focus on height today.  Many women and men suddenly had a desire to be taller.  Now the question becomes can an adult grow taller, or at least appear taller.

Why are we different heights anyway?

Fortunately this can be done, but it does take effort and desire to add extra height to your appearance.  But first and foremost we will begin on why a person is short or tall.

The most important factor which determines height is genetics.  We get this from our moms and dads and this is pre-ordained so we are powerless to change it.  Our genetics is who we are, and it is impossible to alter it like getting a buzz cut as opposed to a feathered haircut.

Even though genetics plays the majority role in determining who is tall or small it is not the only factor which goes into the mix.  There are also outside factors which can add or subtract to your height such as eating enough beneficial calories, getting enough protein everyday and eating healthy foods.

More things to consider when you want to be taller:

Now let’s get into specific actions you can do to help increase the possibilities of growing taller naturally.

To begin with, if you’re smaller than the rest of your family it can be a medical problem.  Go to your doctor and they can run tests to determine that the endocrine system, also known as natural growth hormones are processing correctly.  If they aren’t then they can prescribe human growth hormones which will aid in further development.

By chance if your physician determines there are no physical problems, then you must alter some lifestyle habits which can aid growth.  If you’re a teenager who watches TV all day and night, then start doing light exercise starting out at a few minutes a day and stick with it.  Within a few months you will easily have the ability to do an hour of exercise a day a good habit when you’re wondering how to get taller naturally.

Packing on extra pounds inhibits the bones from growing properly because the extra weight puts more pressure on your entire body.  When you are obese the body also needs to process and absorb more nutrients such as calcium then it would normally do.  So to compensate to function the body allocates its energy towards functioning properly and doesn’t have the ability to focus on growing.

Longer bones are taller bones. The tried and true method to get longer bones is to do light exercise which will help make additional growth hormones.  When the hormones are produced they increase muscle mass and longer bones.  As a result, when you have muscles, you appear stronger and also taller because you have proper posture.

If you are beyond the age where you can grow physically taller, you can use this principle to appear taller.  Lean and fit bodies always look better than chubby ones.  Every if you are below average in height, lean and muscular bodies with good posture will look taller to people. Good posture is part of the key ti how to get taller naturally.

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