There ARE Exercises To Grow Taller!

There are a ton of people in the world that are simply unhappy with their height. While undoubtedly blessed with other positive features, they would love to just be a few inches taller; but of course this is a fools dream. You are stuck with the height that your DNA is coded with.

Right? Actually, no. There are exercises to grow taller out there, you just don’t hear much about them because most exercises focus on building muscles or shredding fat. By improving your posture and lengthening your muscles though you CAN become taller, and here are five exercises that will set you on the right path.

1. The Plank

The plank is arguable one of the best exercises to grow taller out there, and this is probably because it is the most difficult. The plank will target your entire core, as well as your back muscles. This stability is key though, as being able to stand and sit straight will add inches to your height without doing anything else.

To perform the plank, lay on your stomach with your toes on the floor. Raise yourself up on your forearms, creating a straight line from your head to your toes. Hold this position for one minute, rest for 45 seconds and then repeat the process four more times. Do this three times a week, and your core will be rock solid in no time.

2. Wall Squats

This exercise is popular among sadistic high school football coaches, but it serves as a lot more than just a painful punishment. wall squats target your back, glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and putting all of these muscles to work will be key in gaining length.

To perform a wall squat, find a blank stretch of wall, stand against it, and make sure your feet are slightly further than shoulder-width apart.. Slide down the wall (keeping your entire back in contact) until your legs are parallel with the floor. Once in position, hold for a minute and then rest for 45 seconds. Again, repeat this four more times, three times a week. This, with exercise number four, will be the key to lengthening your legs.

3. Bicycle Kicks

The core plays a huge part in exercises to grow taller, so your third exercise will focus solely on your abs and the surrounding muscles. Unlike crunches (which only target the lower middle abs), bicycle kicks target all of your abs and obliques, ensuring that you get a full workout.

To perform a bicycle kick, find a workout mat or flat piece of ground. Lay on your back with your feet firmly planted, and then lace your hands behind your head. Pull your head and shoulders two inches off of the mat, and hold while tensing your abs. Now, lift one leg towards your chest, and raise the other straight out a few inches off the ground. Now kick your legs (like you’re pedaling a bicycle) while while trying to touch retreating leg with the opposite elbow.

Perform this 15-25 times for each leg, in four sets if you can. This will be hard to do at first; but work yourself towards being able to work out three times a week.

4. Standing Quad Stretch

To add length to your body, you cannot only focus on body weight exercises. Stretching is key to lengthening your muscles, and you want to make sure to go through a routine before AND after each workout.

One of the most important stretches that you can perform is the standing quad stretch, as it will capitalize on the wall squats that you just performed. When you perform an exercise, you are actually causing small micro-tears in the target muscle group. Stretching furthers these tears, but don’t worry this is a good thing! During your rest day your body repairs these tears with new muscles, making you stronger AND longer!

To perform the standing quad stretch, find a flat stretch of ground, grab an ankle, and pull it to your backside. Pull your knee towards the ground, and you should feel tension on the front of your quad. Hold this for fifteen seconds, then do the same with the other leg. Easy!

5. Hang Stretches

Hang stretches will focus on the back of your legs and glutes, completing the lengthening process. To perform a hang stretch, stand with your feet together and your legs locked. From here, reach towards your toes, going as low as you can. If you can’t touch your feet yet don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually. Hold for fifteen seconds.

These exercises, when performed consistently, are guaranteed to make you taller. On top of all that, you’ll be living a healthy lifestyle that makes your taller form appealing to look at. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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