To Increase Height Exercise Is Important As Is Diet

A number of factors effect our ability to grow taller. Aside from genetics, to increase height exercise is important, and diet plays a part too.

The Secrets to Growing Taller

Most children aspire to be tall, but many are not very tall when they become adults.  There have been various scientific studies which suggest tall people have advantages at work and earn more money than their smaller counterparts.  People also view tall individuals on a subconscious level more favorably when interacting with them in a social situation because tall people are viewed as having more confidence and stature.

Being taller also yields advantages in sports such as tennis or volleyball.    Their reach is much better and can cover more ground in less amount of time.  This is a great advantage and one reason why people even when they are adults still want to be taller.

There are generally two factors which play the biggest role in determining if a person will be tall.  They are genetics and external elements.  Genetics plays the largest factor, it is estimated 80% to 85% is attributed to the tallness of individual is predetermined by their genes given from their mother and father.  So if your dad, mom, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins are average in height you will probably also be average.  There is a slight chance you will outpace everyone in your family and be taller.  But at the end of the day you can’t control genetics.

For the remaining 20% you have a great deal of influence when you are growing up.   This can influence a couple of inches for your height one way or the other when you are growing up.  There are two large external elements which will affect how tall a person will grow.

Exercise is extremely important when you are growing.

Physical activity helps a body grow bigger and stronger.  It increases the efficiency of the body to perform tasks and therefore helps the body to concentrate on growth.  The best way children should exercise is on a regular or semi regular basis for a half hour to an hour per day.  Exercising a three or more hours every day for a child can be overkill and can retard physical growth.

Eating enough calories is essential to aid growth.

Make sure your child is eating enough calories in the day because they are the literal fuel to get taller.  If they aren’t getting much taller and are relatively skinny then there are studies which suggest increasing their caloric intake by a few hundred per day can help in development.

Along the same lines, eating the right foods is essential to get bigger.  There has never been a time on earth when people had more food choice than they have now.  This is both an advantage and disadvantage because there are plenty of good foods as well as bad foods.  Good foods to aid growth are natural whole foods and bad foods are processed and made in a plant.    The calories your child eats should have health benefits and not just be worthless as is often the case with processed food.

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