How To Grow Taller Fast

Age’s effect on growth:

The majority of people want to be taller than their current height, but most do not know the secrets of growing or looking taller.  More specifically, they wonder how to grow taller fast. To grow, even slightly taller becomes much harder as people get older because their bones become much harder.

For this reason younger children usually have growth spurts, but as become older the spurts decrease.  Constantly growing can be a problem, and this is the body’s way of adjusting for the extra height.  If people grew constantly in their adolescence, with no interruption they would grow as tall as a 2 story building.

Then we have genetics to deal with:

Genetics plays a huge role on how tall a person will become.  There are always exceptions to this, but the rule of thumb is you are roughly as tall as your parents.  Computing both your parents’ heights is usually a good benchmark to their children’s height.  There are different formulas for sons and daughters of course where the male will usually be taller.  Having moms and dads that are average in height means their children will probably be average, likewise if both parents are tall their children will be tall.

Beyond genetics there are external factors which can play a big role.  The foods you put in your body can help or deter growth.   There are many ways to evaluate the health benefits (or determents) of foods; overall quality of the diet, calories taken in and calories burned.  A healthy diet should rely on both physical activity and age.

And don’t forget about diet and exercise:

The quality of the diet depends what types of foods you are eating.   Foods that come from nature are much more beneficial than processed and manufactured foods to aid physical growth and development.  These whole and natural foods, in comparison to processed foods have a much higher amount of nutrients.  Whereas processed foods are known as empty calories which have very little to no real nutritional value.

To maintain an overall healthy lifestyle you must shed the vast majority of the calories which you have consumed.  However there should be a remaining amount which the body will use to become taller.  If a child burns calories on a regular basis through sports or exercise they should eat a little more.

There are a few factors which have a detrimental effect in the growth of children.  The first is eating too many sweets.  The sugar can inhibit normal body functions and make the body work much harder.  The body concentrates on adjusting for the glucose levels while not focusing on growing.   Along the same lines smoking also will stunt growth for much of the same reasons as eating too many sweets.

Stretching isn’t just something that you do before a workout to warm up.  It also helps people to become more limber and helps their posture.  Standing up straight puts less strain on muscles and therefore makes growth easier on the body.

While you are changing to better stretching, diet, and exercise habits, you can learn to dress in ways that accentuate your current height.

If you want to know how to grow taller fast, it really boils down to this:

  1. Proper stretching, posture, and exercise.
  2. Eating a diet that promotes growth.
  3. Regular exercise.
  4. Dressing to enhance your current height.

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