How To Grow Taller: The Research

“I Uncovered the Secrets of the Most Brilliant Human Height Researchers in the World”

“What I Found Shocked Me – Anyone At Any Age Can Grow Taller!”


I know you have a ton of questions and concerns.

I’m going to do my best to answer them all.

First of all, I want to thank you for visiting

You’re probably also pretty skeptical.

That’s more than fine. In fact, I’d be more than just a little concerned if you weren’t skeptical.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Joey Woods

I grew three-and-a-half inches in less than two months. I am 32 years old.


Why should you be skeptical?

Look, I know that you’ve already checked out at least half a dozen ads and slick marketing techniques that promise that you can grow taller using some “ancient Chinese” muscle flex remedy or by listening to a 20 minute mp3 full of so-called “hypnotic suggestion” and weird sounds.

I know that you likely did because you’re looking for a viable way to learn how to grow taller. And when I started our search several years ago, I did the same thing.


There are HUNDREDS of scams out there.


I bought nearly ever kind of so-called height-increasing product that you can think of – and some that you no doubt haven’t. I went into my quest to grow taller with a completely “open mind.” I figured that since this stuff was on sale that there HAD to be some truth to it…it HAD to work at least a little bit.

Well, ignorance is bliss. I was sucked out of literally THOUSANDS of dollars and YEARS of my time chasing a pipe dream.

I tried it all. Hypnosis, creams, pills, powders, and those weird spiky things that are supposed to go in your shoes that are supposed to make your bones stretch – or something like that. If I got any taller during that entire time, it was only because my wallet had gotten much lighter and didn’t weigh me down as much!

But while I was searching, I started doing some real, meaningful research.

What I found was that there were real physicians, real scientists, and real researchers that were actively engaged in determining methods that would allow adults to grow 1, 2, 3 inches or more in height long after they had stopped the natural growth process.


The REAL advances in bio-medical height research


I read published medical studies until I was bleary-eyed. I researched unreleased prescription medicine trials. I studied anatomy lectures from leading experts from 27 countries.

But I was never able to put the pieces together by myself.

So after years of getting scammed, frustrated, and…quite honestly…just about fed up, I decided to take the bull by the horns and start contacting some of these experts myself.

I figured that the worst that could happen was that they would either: 1) ignore my emails and phone calls or 2) just tell me to go away. I had nothing to lose and I was at my wit’s end.

So I sent out a barrage of emails to almost every physician, scientist, and research firm that I knew had an interest in some sort of human height increase project. Every one that I could track down got an email. And then I started calling to follow up.

Shockingly enough, some of them actually responded!

At first, most of the replies were kind of “canned messages” that I could tell were written by an office attendant or secretary. But I persisted by following up with subsequent, detailed emails filled with specific information and questions that I knew would fly over their heads. I was hoping that they would forward them to the experts that I wanted to speak to.


World-renowned scientists have been quietly researching height for years.


The strategy worked. As it turns out, most of these guys are really excited when a “layman” actually takes the time to learn about them and their work. I think that they actually get kind of a kick out of their pseudo-celebrity status in their field.

For months, I exchanged emails with some of the greatest modern minds in medical science trying to find out what advances they were making in their research and studies.

I spoke at great length with a two Ivy League geneticists, a brilliant expert on human anatomy, and a representative of an entire team of researchers that were heavily vested in advanced nutrition and the benefits of varying nutritional compounds on the human body.

And I hate to brag, but as a result of my correspondence with them I even caused some crossover interest between them and they have since begun trading data with each other.

But more importantly, I piqued their brains enough to start putting together a picture of a culmination of all of their research and findings. I quickly went to work trying to develop a system of exercises combined with a nutritional regimen that took the information that I had learned from each of them.


Now, let me be clear about something here – I am NOT a doctor myself. And I quickly learned that I had MUCH to learn as soon as I submitted my half-baked plan to each of them.


The Height Trifecta: Nutrition, Exercise, and…

The team of nutritionists were quick to point out that the levels of supplementations that I wanted to use were not only ineffective, but could be downright dangerous when combined with each other when taken over an extended period of time. The anatomy expert was also quick to point out that, while taking some supplements would be beneficial in theory, in reality all they would really do is get flushed uselessly out of the body. Finally, one of the geneticists simply scolded me and said that I’d be better of taking a multi-vitamin than spending several hundred dollars a month on what he called “a useless cocktail that will do nothing more than make GNC rich.”

So, I was pretty disappointed, to say the least. Until one-by-one each of them began offering his own suggestions, which I would then forward to the rest of the medical experts I was now regularly in touch with. As it turns out, I had actually unintentionally become the hub of an all-email height-increase “thinktank” where all of these world-renowned physicians and researchers were forwarding their data to one another.


The picture started to come together.


The conversations I forwarded between them looked similar to this:

“…so while 3 mL wouldn’t be sufficient for any noticeable effect and 5 mL taken daily could have negative consequences when combined with other recommended supplementation…would a 4 or even 3.5 mL daily intake satisfy the desired demand without causing an adverse reaction with any other supplementation recommendations?”


This went on for months and months. Nearly every day my inbox contained the notes from some of the most incredible medical brainstorms I could imagine. These guys were world-class for a reason! They really dug into their research!

After nearly 14 grueling months of constant emails back and forth between all of the participants, they had finally come to what they all believed was a viable blend of nutrition and exercise that may cause a healthy adult to grow in height.


But there was no way to test it.


The Catch that Nearly Put a Halt To It All


Even though everyone involved was certainly personally interested in my project by now, the fact of the matter is that there was no way that any of them would be able to spearhead a clinical study dedicated to receiving FDA approval.

Here’s why: in order for prescription drug manufacturers to receive FDA approval for a new drug, they must pay for exhaustive third-party testing that costs, literally, hundreds of millions of dollars.

But you, like me, are probably asking yourself, “Yeah, but isn’t this possible breakthrough worth every penny of that and MORE to a pharmaceutical company to be able to patent?”

In short, the answer is no.

Why? Because each and every nutritional recommendation, vitamin, and supplement that these experts had compiled are all readily available already. Simply put, there’s no way that a drug company could ever patent the formula in order to sell it exclusively. They would be spending millions of dollars only to have every other drug and supplement company reap the benefits of their investment immediately. Since we all know that drug companies are only interested in protecting their bottom line as much as possible, it’s safe to say that it just wasn’t going to happen.


Real Research. Real Science. Real Results.


Simply put, if I wanted this tested, I was going to have to use myself – and anyone that I could find – as a guinea pig.

And that’s just what I did.

I began the regimen on Monday, June 11, 2007.

I was exactly 5’6.5″ that day.

Three weeks later, I was medically examined.

I was measured at 5’8″ tall.

Three weeks after that, I was examined again.

I was 5’9″ tall.

I am now just a hair shy of 5’10” tall.

I am now convinced that I have finally reached my “height peak.” No matter what I do (aside from expensive and potentially dangerous “limb-lengthening” surgery) I will probably not grow any taller.

But three and a half inches! At 32 years of age! I am still in awe at the thought!


Ask yourself what 3.5 inches added to your height would do for you.


True, natural height increase
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